Fingerprint authentication on Debian and Ubuntu

I’m writing this since there is a lot of very outdated information around.

I had to do 2 steps:
sudo apt install fprintd libpam-fprintd

That’s it.

It will install the necessary PAM things to login with the fingerprint.



HTTP has a language header to inform websites of which languages can be read by the user.

This is meant for websites that are translated, to show the content in the appropriate language.

Of course google ignores this and wants you to go in a “settings” page, set the language and accept cookies to store it.

I fucking hate designers

Designers tend to be against customizing things, because changing something from their perfect design is a sin.

As a result, most websites and programs never get tested with different colour schemes of the desktop session.

This means that there are countless input boxes where only one of background and foreground colour is set, which usually ends up with having an unreadable white on white or black on black text.

I believe that a good recommendation would be to either set both of those properties or do not set them at all. This would solve all the problems.

Thanks microsoft -_-

They have released pre-made virtual box images for testing purposes. Which is good.

They only have 1 server located on Mars. Estimated download time is 2 days.

Why not share it on torrent instead?

I even tried directly looking for the file on torrent websites and it is not there.


Relational can optimize this

σ skill == ‘Perl’ (people ⋈ skills) ∪ σ skill == ‘C’ (people ⋈ skills)

into this:

people ⋈ (σ skill == ‘Perl’ or skill == ‘C’ (skills))

I was feeling particularly proud of this.

Linkedin security

Linkedin is forcing me to change my password, because they have been compromised.

I decided to use the same password because… what could happen? An hacker signs me up for a job? Anyway, linkedin showed me the following message:

“Sorry, that password was invalidated for security reasons. Please choose a different password.”

Which means that passwords there are not hashed.

I know that the war on security can never be truly won, but we are talking about standard practices here!